New Custom ALLEN Church Organ for Summer/Fall “Tour”

New Custom GeniSys Allen just unwrapped!

This Custom 3-manual GeniSys Allen Organ was designed to fill the specific needs of a busy 2020 Summer and Fall Concert Schedule.
Sadly, we are all facing a challenging season with Covid-19 overshadowing everything we do……
Performances and gatherings of the Colorado Symphony, Colorado Bach Ensemble, Bravo!Vail, Higher Things Lutheran Conference, Knights of Columbus Equestrian Conclave have all been cancelled or postponed.
And so, this grand instrument temporarily resides in our garage…..a welcome addition to the lawn mower, snowblower, and garden tools.
On the lighter side, the neighbors are enjoying our impromptu concerts!
Several churches have expressed interest in hosting this extraordinary instrument in their worship space….as COVID is managed or subsides.

While we all await a safe re-opening of Colorado, please be assured of our service and support to Religious Institutions and Organists throughout these times.
Wishing you all a safe and happy Fourth of July! 🇺🇸